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Who Are We? And Why Are We Here?

We are not theoreticians but practitioners! Our team of full-stack web development experts is readily available to help you find a strategically unique solution to solve website development challenges and bring your cell phone repair business to the next level! As a cell phone repair store owner, we have spent years using trial and error methods to solve a quite simple but complex problem: HOW TO BRING MORE BUSINESS? Well, the solution is simple: DO THE MARKETING. But marketing is a very broad concept that covers many services and techniques, which can be pricey, time consuming and ineffective. Instead, build the marketing strategy designated to hit the target! While struggling to find a digital marketing company that could help us grow the business, we wasted the budget and time without making significant improvements. So, followed by frustration and inspired by the target goals, we challenged ourselves to find our perfect digital marketing solution, get to the top of the Google ranking and bring more customers. We can do it, and so can you! Boostmyrepair has been established to help cell phone repair business owners, like us and you, achieve profit-generating results and grow the business. The benefit you get from working with us is that we know the cellphone repair business and we have been in this industry since 2012. At Boostmyrepair, our major focus is on developing websites for cell phone repair businesses to improve online visibility and bring customers. With Boostmyrepair, you will boost your business’s Google search ranking and increase organic traffic in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Why to work with us? Is it going to make a difference?

Yes, it is. It did make a difference for our cell phone repair store and so did it for hundreds of other cell phone repair shops. The major benefit you get from working with us is that we know the cell phone repair business and we’ve walked miles in your shoes to build expertise. Unlike other IT providers, we have built expertise in the cell phone repair industry from hands-on experience, which enables us to assist your business needs in an efficient way. Our marketing strategy is based on research and evidence-based results that has demonstrated successful increase in organic traffic (bringing real people), improved the Google search rankings and aimed at gaining a prominent reputation. We have helped hundreds of cell phone repair business owners unlock their potential and scale-up the business while saving them money and time. …All we failed to achieve while desperately searching for the right marketing company, is now readily available for you at Boostmyrepair.

Make a better tomorrow by changing your today.

Got a question? We have an answer

Unlike other digital marketing companies, we have hands-on experience in the cell phone repair industry. We have been running a cell phone repair business for years, so we know the business inside and out. Therefore, you don't have to waste time telling us about your business because we already know it. Furthermore, Boostmyrepair can save you both time and money! With our unbeatable rates on web development and digital marketing, you can grow your business without breaking the bank. At Boostmyrepair, we guarantee profit-generating results by bringing your cell phone repair business to the top of the Google listing and drawing foot traffic into the store!

As many of you might know that Google has banned third-party repair shops from advertising their business on Google’s search engine due to a rise of misleading information posted on ads and customers’ complaints. To protect consumers from tech-support scammers, Google has created a screening policy to verify your business legitimacy. The verified business then becomes a “Google Guaranteed” provider and must maintain customer satisfaction. Otherwise, a customer may submit a claim directly to Google and receive money back. However, at this moment, the verification process is available to Locksmiths and similar repair businesses in Sacramento, San Francisco, Stockton and San Diego, CA regions only. We hope that Google will eventually begin the verification process for third-party cell phone repair stores, but meanwhile, we need a better solution to promote the cell phone repair business to stay in the market and the solution is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a legit process of boosting your business’s ranking on Google or other search engines. SEO is a slow and time-consuming process but it works! By doing SEO, you can bring your business to the top of the Google listing and bring foot traffic into your repair store.

There are several things you can do to gain a prominent and legit reputation for your cell phone repair business:

  • Have a professional website for your business and start doing SEO to make it visible online.
  • Make sure that your business is properly licensed, insured, and has a tax ID number.
  • Create and maintain Google My Business page.
  • Improve customer service by providing legit repair services and avoiding any misleading information. In other words, be HONEST to your consumers.
  • Maintain good customers’ reviews and address any negative reviews with a proper explanation and possible solution to resolve the issue.
  • Importantly, do not forget that besides Google and other online platforms, the most powerful marketing is a WORD-OF-MOUTH. So, be mindful of your customers to win their trust. And treat others the way you want to be treated.

The cost of basic informative website development starts from $300. However, an initial consultation is required for an accurate estimated cost. At Boostmyrepair, we provide a free, no-obligation consultation to discuss the desired website and web development process. A quote will be provided at the time of the consultation.

The website development process usually goes through several phases of development:

Discovery: We work closely with the repair store owners to identify their business goals and find a unique solution to achieve the target

Planning: After the discovery phase, we will analyze and customize a strategic marketing plan to efficiently accomplish the targeted goals

Design and Prototype: Once the plan is finalized, we will design a website to identify prototype, which meets the requirements of the customer

Development: After carefully designing and identifying a prototype, we will work on developing a front and a back-end of the website

Testing and Launching: After the development phase is complete, website goes through a testing phase to diagnose functionality. If it functions properly, the website will be launched and become live

Maintenance: Finally, to assure proper functionality of the website, we will monitor website performance and provide maintenance as needed

The website development typically takes about 3 to 5 business days after all required data is received. However, a final deadline is determined after free, no-obligation consultation.

SEO is a time and effort-consuming process. Thus, you can estimate to see the results within 3 to 6 months. However, you should keep in mind that SEO is an ongoing process, and the SEO results grow over time.

Yes, a contract is required for SEO services only. For all other services, no contract is required. The duration of the contract is 4 months. The reason behind it is that SEO is a time-consuming process and the SEO results are seen over time, typically within 3 to 6 months. Therefore, to secure the effort that we put into optimizing your website, we require your dedication and commitment for 4 months minimum. *We will return your money if the results are not achieved upon termination of the contract.

A basic plan for Social Media Marketing starts from $49 per month, which includes 2 posts per week on social media platforms. However, it may vary, depending on your goals.