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Social Media Marketing for Cell Phone Repair Businesses

Research shows that 90% of small businesses believe that social media marketing MUST promote local businesses to get customers. However, just knowing to be on social media does not help as it is not as simple as it seems, as it needs strategies, consistent, time investment, and knowledge of what to promote to engage the local audience. When it comes to cell phone repair social media marketing, we not only offer professional designing and content marketing but also a strategy, which will build brand awareness for your business in your local area, bringing more traffic to your website which is potential customers.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Phone Repairing Business

Increased Brand Awareness

If you want to have a cold drink, probably you would think about Coke or Pepsi. This is an example of brand awareness. Social media for cell phone business is a great platform, where you can engage customers with consistent posts and promotion on the products you are selling as well as offering repair services for their gadgets.

Search Engine Ranking

Another advantage of social media marketing is to direct traffic to your website. Social media does not directly increase website ranking; however, it helps to bring customers to your website. Having high-quality content such as blogs, latest technology information, etc. you can have more “Likes” and engagements to your posts which mean more potential customers.

Customer Satisfaction

Social media provides a platform where you can communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis, which is very useful for the cell phone repair business. For instance, customers can get repair quotes instantly. In addition, if they are having any concerns or issues, we can take care of them right away to meet customers' satisfaction.


Cell phone repair businesses are tight on budget and don’t have a lot of funds to spend on marketing. Therefore, social media marketing makes it easier and affordable to advertise their business on FaceBook, Instagram, or Twitter, etc. if you plan to start paid marketing on any social media channel, start small to see if your paid promotions are achieving the desired results or you need to change strategy.

High Conversion Rate

If your business is visible to more audiences, you have more chances to gain more business.
For instance, if you run a promotion of 15% off on all iPhone repairs on the social media platforms, and promote this ad to your local area, people who have broken phones will not only contact you but will share it with their friends as well. Which will bring more people to your website.

Customer Loyalty

If you are consistent with your posts on your social media business platform, people follow and interact with your brand as many people buy from brands, they follow on FaceBook or Instagram, etc. by offering some discount on their smart devices or giving away inexpensive accessories or phone cases will make it easier for a customer to choose you over your competitor.

Why choose us for social media marketing?


The major benefit you get from working with us is that we know the cell phone repair business and we’ve walked miles in your shoes to build expertise. We are aware that a repair store has a very tight budget, therefore, we offer social media marketing at a very low price, which is affordable for any repair store.

Professional Graphic Designers

At Boostmyrepair, we have professional graphic designers to create cell phone repair business posts for social media channels and website development. If you are making a brand, your social media posts must be good and convincing as the first impression is the best impression.


What makes a company manage a social media platform different than a repair store owner or manager, is consistency. Posting consistently and frequently to your social media will keep your followers in contact and will help you create a brand which they will share with their friends.

Content Marketing

Boostmyrepair’s content strategy helps to reach out to more customers to get desired results. For the cell phone repair store, computer repair, or any gadget repair, we post relevant and engaging content.


What our clients say about us?

I started cell phone repair business in Feb 2020 and due to covid 19, I had difficulty to survive. About 6 months ago, I started using oc analytica for my social media and seo. Now I have average 10 to 15 calls from customers who find me on Google. Things are getting better day by day.

Muhammad Ajaz

I been using Ocanalytica for over year in the marketing area for my cellphone business and I am very happy with the increase in sales. I hope to continue growing and increasing the recommended tools for next year. thank you guys

Miguel Cabeza

It has been a pleasure working with oc analytics .As a customer I found their designers and web developers are true professionals.they always understood my vision and made it a realistic project for my business advertisement.If you are here looking to grow your business ,clientele or any related reason ..I would highly recommend them …

Ambreen Qureshi

OC Analytica is helping us to sell our products online through ecommerce platform. their services and strategy increased 30% of our business.

ufone wholesale

I started using digital marketing services few months ago and i am satisfied with oc analytica services.

Екатерина Мергес

They created my website and I have been getting more business since!

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